Services & Facilities

Thoroughbreds P/L is a full service training operation. We are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients with a professional approach to each horse in our care.

As a boutique stable we ensure that there is a maximum of horses at any one time to enable us to maintain our attention to detail for each individual horse.

We provide:

Complete Professional Training Service
We provide a complete range of services from breaking, pre-training and race training. We specialise in our personal approach.

Communication is important to us and we have developed this interactive web site to keep our clients informed on their horses activities.

Respect and Care of our Horses
We respect our horses and work closely with our team, ensuring that the best attention is given to each individual charge.

Our reputable vets, and our farrier, are on hand at all times.

Trainer Fees Notice

Racing Australia Template Fees Notice in relation to training services between: Rick Harrison (the Trainer) and RWH Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd (the Owner)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The form and content of this document is provided as an example of theFees Notice a trainer is required to provide under the Rules of Racing. A trainer can exclude, amend, add to or delete from, this documents at the trainer’s discretion provided the trainer’s Fees Notice complies with the requirements for a Fees Notice under the Rules of Racing.

IMPORTANT NOTES From 1 August 2017 the Australian Rules of Racing will enable both the introduction and operation of the Trainer and Owner Reforms (TOR). The TOR introduces the TOR Rules (which are part of the Australian Rules of Racing), a standard agreement between owners and trainers, and a standard agreement between co-owners. More information can be found at

§Under the TOR Rules a Fees Notice must be provided by the Trainer to the Managing Owner: (i) by 29 August 2017 for existing arrangements; (ii) by 5 September 2017 for new arrangements made up to 29 August 2017; or (iii) within 7 days of a Trainer being appointed for new arrangements made after 29 August 2017.

§If the Managing Owner does not object to this Fees Notice within 14 days of it being provided, the basis for charging set out is deemed to have been accepted.

§It is not possible for the Trainer to indicate to the Owner in advance the exact total monthly/yearly cost for training a horse. This is because while some fees are charged at a fixed daily rate (e.g. daily training fee), others are variable (e.g. per treatment for veterinary services). Also, horses vary in the rates at which they mature and progress, including while on agistment and through each preparation, which can influence the total fees for a particular horse.

§Race entry fees are not included in this Fees Notice – they are additional to the costs set out herein. The Trainer should inform the Managing Owner of those fees as soon as practicable.

Trainer Managed fees & charges – As at 01/08/2017

The following fees are as at the date of issue of this Fees Notice, and remain so until otherwise advised by the Trainer to the Owner in writing.

SERVICES (per day/horse/event) CHARGE GST TOTAL
Daily Training Fee $70 $7 $77
Track Usage Fees (Where not included in the Daily Training Fee) Daily Access Fee Grass Gallop Fee GG $20
Administration Fee $25 $2.50 $27.50
Breaking/Pre-Training $65 $6.50 $71.50
Agistment $25 $2.50 $27.50
Box Agistment $30 $3.00 $33.00
Race Meetings (Day) – Monday to Saturday
Race Meetings (Day) – Sunday As used by Trainer
Race Meetings (Night / Public Holiday)
Official Trials & Jump Outs (Metropolitan)
Official Trials & Jump Outs (Non-Metropolitan)
third party Fees & Charges (ESTIMATE) – As at [01/08/2017]

The following are service providers commonly engaged by the Trainer. This pricing chart is offered as a guide for basic services frequently/historically sourced by the Trainer.

If the Trainer becomes aware that a fee estimate in this section is likely to be exceeded by 10% or more, the Trainer should notify the Managing Owner and explain why.

Float <100km journey $100 Per 100KM $10 $110
Float >100km but <250km journey
Float >250km but <500km journey
Float >500km journey
PROVIDER TYPE OF SERVICE RANGE OF COST (Metro, Provincial, Country, State if applicable)
Farrier – Work Shoes Race Plates Basic Foot Care $120to$180 $150 to$300 $50to$70
Dentist – General Examination $60 to$80
Chiropractor – General Examination and Manipulation $100 to $200
Veterinary – General Examination Varies

§Charges incurred for any therapeutics, applications, tests, sampling, ointments and/or medicines applied to the horse for specific treatments will be identified on the Training Invoice issued to the Owner for reimbursement, in addition to the charge for any General Examination.

§2 year olds may have lower costs than 3+ year olds given: (i) the level of development required to race; and (ii) the overall life cycle of the horse.

§For other than emergency treatment, prior approval will be sought from the Owner where an individual treatment will likely exceed $2,000 (plus GST) in cost.

Float Company <100km journey As per invoiced amount
Float Company >100km but <250km journey As per invoiced amount
Float Company >250km but <500km journey As per invoiced amount
Float Company >500km journey As per invoiced amount

§Race entry fees are not included in this Fees Notice – they will be additional and depend on the race. The Trainer should inform the Managing Owner of these as soon as practicable once known.

§All race nomination, acceptance, non-acceptance and scratching fees are set by PRAs and/or Race Clubs, and are passed on to the Owner/s at cost. They should be checked with each relevant PRA or Race Club. In [insert state or territory], they are set out at: [insert link]


Note: Prizemoney splits, and threshold amount from which they take effect, are subject to discretion of PRAs.

Relevant Party NSW / ACT % Split* VIC % Split+ QLD % Split SA % Split WA % Split TAS % Split NT % Split
Trainer 9.9% 9.8% (flat and jumps races) 10% 10% (flat and jumps races) 10% 10% 10%
Jockey 4.95% 4.9% (flat races) 9.8% (jumps races) 5% 5% (flat races) 10% (jumps races) 5% 5% 5%
Owner 81.65% 83.3% (flat races) 78.4% (jumps races) 85% 85% (flat races) 80% (jumps races) 85% 85% 85%

* Prizemoney also paid to: Stablehand Scheme (1.5%), Jockey Insurance and Welfare Scheme (1%) & Equine Welfare Fund (1%).

+ Prizemoney also paid to: Jockey Welfare Fund (1%) & Equine Welfare Fund (1%).

☒ The Trainer reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue Training Fees and/or Training Disbursements as permitted under the TOR Rules. If charged, it will be charged at the rate of


I, Rick Harrison Trainer